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This first step is OPTIONAL and doesn't strop you from creating your character.
If you have a godfather in the game, you will have benefits. You will start with 3000 gold instead of 500, and a free "wild rat" pet. If you don't have a godfather, leave this field empty.
BEWARE: it will not be possible to select a godfather after you have created your character. It is now or never.

Godfather's code : (If you don't have one, leave empty or click here to get one)

When you sponsor your friends, you will win a rate on their earnings. Once your account has been validated, you will find your own godfather code. The more friends you bring to the game, the more money you earn.

Carte VIPIf you have a VIP card or VIP code, we will have the pleasure to offer you a special gift, even if you already sponsored by a godfather! If you have a card in braille, enter the letters without blank space.

VIP code: (If you don't have one, leave empty)

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