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2D-Role Playing and strategy multiplayer browser game, free to play, compatible with all browsers and mobile devices, and also accessible to visually impaired people

In a medieval-fantasy universe, join one of the princesses who fight to rule the lands of Dragonium.

Population's Karma
Mainly for Birgit
Cities Domination
Mainly for Morrigan

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No subscription, no advertising, no spam.
Dragonium only works with voluntary donations.
A different (and daring!) financial model for a game accessible to everyone.
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Dragonium is now fully available in English. This recent improvement has caused big changes in the code of the game. For this reason, some errors may persist. If you see a text still in French, of if you see a wrong/missing text, please tell the staff for a quick correction.

Thank you for your understanding and your help. Have fun.
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The map, main interface of Dragonium with buildings and characters :
The map, main interface of Dragonium with buildings and characters

The most agile

Thorvi1. Thorvi
2. Birko
3. Alinea
4. Zaerdrin
5. Drakart
6. Slogmi
7. Charlot
8. Igor
9. Banania
10. Hadil
11. Naxedim
12. Athéna
13. Jade
14. Seille
15. Jeanne darc
16. Fiorie
17. Niconium
18. Dégun
19. Azathot
20. Croax
21. Alba
22. Albator
23. Elrohir
24. Princesse
25. Ishtar
26. Kellewaru
27. Vénusia
28. Calianor
29. Tenebris
30. Turgutalp

Technical support

Chat on Skype with the support
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You encountered a problem during the creation of your character or while playing the game? The staff is here to help you on chat or with an appointment on vocal. If we are away, please leave a message.

Wiki de Dragonium : voir une page au hasard
Equipments, monsters, items, all the informations are on Dragonium's Wiki :
You wish to help translate the Wiki? Become an editor to describe pictures to visually impaired players.
© Zyzomis 2005-2024 - Any reproduction is prohibited without permission.

Respected healer, wealthy thief, ruthless fighter, famous writer or a dragon breeder? Everything is possible. Your destiny is in your hands.

Choose between 5 character's classes. You can create several characters of different classes to discover all their advantages.

A trident with an elementary materia
  • Find yourself the best equipment, associate it with materias and make them improve to increase your power and your abilities.
  • Use the elements to give your attacks an additional effect.
  • Some of the pets you can tame and breed
  • Capture or buy pets of more than 30 species. Make them mate and sell the product of your breedings. Each pet brings you a bonus or a special ability!
  • The biggest fortress of the game: a moated castleA town guard
  • Create or join a guild, build your fortress and organize raids against your enemies. Destroy enemy forts, kill the guards of cities under the domination of the opposite karma to increase the power of your own and make prices decrease in shops.
  • A lair of assassins where you can place your bounties
  • Place bounties on your enemies, there will always be a rogue to take them.
  • Your boat. It looks like a cockleshell, doesn't it?
  • Rent a boat and set sails to go from a port to another, or go up rivers.
  • A temple
  • Pray in temples of your karma and be gifted by the Gods.
  • Sponsor your friends and, every day, Dragonium offers you 1‰ of their bank account !
  • Write books and earn a percentage on each book sold.
  • The marketplace
  • Buy and sell at the marketplace. Use the game forum to get in touch with other players or propose your services.
  • About Dragonium...

    Jump into the web-retrogaming !

    Inspired by the graphics of early 2000s browser games, Dragonium is a human-scale game that is suitable for all players from 10 years old. It is compatible with all computers (PC, Mac, Linux), smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) and tablets. Very light, it does not consume a lot of data on your data plan and can be played anywhere without downloading any application: everything happens in your internet browser.

    Special measures and strict rules are applied to guarantee children and parents a healthy atmosphere and a safe place to play. For more information, consult the game terms of use. Parents who would like to set a restriction on their children accounts can contact the technical support.

    What is Dragonium ?

    A very good article from the french newspaper 'Courrier de l'Ouest' to know Dragonium betterDragonium is a game created by Zyzomis, a small non-profit association that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. In project since 2005, the game was designed in 2010 and opened in September 2012. Zyzomis association's goal is to develop communication through computering. This website is suitable for visually impaired French or English speakers around the world who use screen readers (voice synthesizers) or braille displays to go on the Internet. The game is compatible with these devices in a totally invisible way. Thus, our blind players get by touch or audio the same information that the seers have with their eyes.

    Dragonium is the only role play game worldwide that sends an embossed map of its territories to the blind players.

    Project supported by the Fondation de FranceZyzomis assocation had the support of the Fondation de France to adapt the game to visually impaired people. Thanks to the Fondation de France, the association has made a braille atlas of the game, sent free to blind players worldwide. The cost is taken in charge by the association, because it does not seem normal to us that blind people have to pay to obtain an information that the seers have for free. The association has created a template of braille bingo grids under a free licence for the visually impaired to participate in the maximum of events, always free of charge.
    Instead of imposing ads or subscriptions, we prefer that those who wish to donate do it freely.

    Zyzomis' ethic goes beyond disability. In 2017, the association decides to print its communication and flyers (excluding braille) on recycled paper, and reduces its waste by using reusable tablecloths or cups during events, for example.
    This ethics has also always been applied to players' personal data: we only ask for the minimum (just the e-mail is mandatory). You don't like spam? We don't either: if you stop playing, you are not spammed. We will never give your data to anyone. You wish to receive notifications by email or SMS? These are optional, you select the notifications you want to receive and the time of SMS sending (we let you sleep at night). And we are always there in case of problem.

    The staff is at your disposal for more information, by Skype or e-mail.

    Our thanks for the translation
    Adaptation for multilingual interface : Éric Lefebvre et Valentin Royer
    Translation from French to English : Christopher Bullock
    Free game, without any subscription, free to play. Play alone, with friends or your family. This role play game inspired by the firsts browser games of the early 2000s (retrogaming) is 100 % accessible to blind and visually impaired people.